CBD Oil for Pets: What Is the Best Way to Use It?

CBD oil for pets is the latest fad among dog owners. But, while the idea might seem a bit funny, this is no laughing matter. Numerous dogs suffer from stress and pain on a daily basis. They might’ve gone through a rough surgery or are dealing with some other health issue.

Keep in mind that CBD oil for pets is not a panacea that will eliminate all the issues. But, if you buy medical hemp products from reputable stores like Airmid Hemp Extracts, your dog will definitely feel an improvement. 

Given that your dog cannot give you any feedback, you need to be careful when using CBD tinctures. These are safe substances, but they can still cause minor side effects. As such, you need to be patient, take it one day at a time, and monitor your pet’s state.

In this article, we will talk about CBD oil for pets and the best way to use it. Read on!

What is CBD oil for dogs?

Simply put, this is an oil extract that we get from the hemp plant. Depending on the underlying strain, the potential effects might vary a bit. Nevertheless, medical hemp should provide a plethora of benefits to your dog and regulate its internal processes.

While these substances are labeled as CBD, they have other substances as well. Most of them have numerous cannabinoids and terpenes. When used together, simultaneously, they might provide an “entourage effect” when the combination of substances is stronger than its individual parts.

Perhaps the most important thing about CBD oil for dogs is that this substance is non-intoxicating. Hemp has very low THC levels, and your pet cannot get high from it, even if it is used in extreme quantities.

Keep in mind that CBD oil for dogs and oil for people is basically the same thing. The main difference is in concentration. So, there is an option for humans to use it and vice versa.

How does CBD oil work for dogs?

We have a very limited number of studies involving CBD oil and dogs. Oftentimes, animals are used as test subjects for regular cannabidiol substances. We mainly rely on empirical data to determine how the substance might affect them.

If we presume that cannabidiol works for dogs as it does for humans then, it probably works by stimulating the cannabinoid receptors. They are a part of a larger endocannabinoid system that can regulate sleep, pain, mood, and other internal function.

Furthermore, hemp has sedative properties. It might help animals by reducing stress levels. This would make it easier to go to sleep, but it would also help tackle certain issues after surgeries or if a pet has a serious medical condition.

What kind of issues can it help with?

Medical hemp shows the most potential when used for sleep and relaxation. As such, it might also provide some benefits for anxiety.

Experts believe that the substance has strong anti-inflammatory properties. If this turns out to be true, it might help with various types of pain. You can administer it orally (for internal nerve pain) or topically (for surface muscle pain).

Again, we don’t have enough medical data to make any claims. Most of this is based on presumptions and limited data. So, while you might try the substance for inflammation and pain, there is no way of telling if it would actually work.

CBD oil might also improve a dog’s alertness, focus, and memory. Generally speaking, the product should harmonize various internal processes and improve how a pet’s body works. Dog’s immune system might become stronger, allowing it to tackle potential issues in the future.

What are the common side effects for dogs?

Like humans, dogs can also experience various side effects. Usually, the chance of drawbacks increases with the dose. If you increase the quantity of the substance, there is also a chance that these potential side effects will become more severe.

Here are some of the common problems your dog might experience:

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in blood pressure
  • Change in appetite

Most of these issues are minor and will stop as soon as the chemical runs through a dog’s body. Usually, the side effects are connected to the substance’s sedative effects; a pet might feel drowsy or dizzy. It might also cause diarrhea due to substance intolerance.

If your dog uses drugs that cause sedative effects, you should avoid administering CBD oil. We also suggest that you avoid items that have excessive THC content.

How to find the right CBD oil for your dog?

The hemp market is far from regulated. It lacks monitoring and regulation, which is why you can find all sorts of products online. Among others, some of these items will have low quantities of CBD but might be full of other unnecessary ingredients.

Here are some tips that will help you find the right substance for your pet:

  • Always buy organic products. If your dog is already suffering from a medical condition, the last thing you want is to expose it to pesticides and other volatile chemicals.
  • Price is a good way to determine a product’s quality, but it isn’t the only important thing. Sometimes, an expensive product might be mediocre in terms of the benefits that it provides. However, we suggest that you always avoid cheap alternatives. CBD oil is expensive to produce, and if you see that a substance is really cheap, this might indicate that it doesn’t have a high CBD concentration.
  • Check for analysis. The majority of stores perform third-party lab tests and after that, they display the results on their website. By checking these documents, you can see what kind of substances are within the bottle.
  • It is much better to buy CBD oils. They are easy to administer, and you can also use them for topical issues.

Airmid store has some of the best hemp extracts for pets on the market. These products can provide numerous benefits for your dog, they’re easy to administer, and they come with an affordable price tag.