Top-Shelf CBD Flower

Top-Shelf CBD Flower: 8 Most Potent Strains

Better mood and relaxation. High quality and effectiveness. Health and safety considerations. Those are some of the benefits that a top-shelf CBD flower can offer. 

Over the years, there has been a surge in CBD companies in the market. In fact, a study predicts that legal CBD sales will reach 25 million by 2025. 

And unfortunately, with that arises a problem.

Some companies may find their way into the industry and sell low-quality products. And that only hurts you and your pockets. Or you’re faced with decision fatigue due to the many strains you have to choose from.

But here’s a solution.

Below are some of the most reputable and the best CBD flowers. To give you the memorable experience you deserve. But first,

What is a Top-Shelf CBD Flower

A top-shelf CBD flower is a highly effective strain rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and has an aesthetic appeal to its flower structure. It’s worth every penny.

Users consuming a high-quality CBD flower benefit from its use in supporting an uplifted mood, focus, or easing stress. That is because of the entourage effect.

The phenomenon occurs when the highly concentrated cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBG, etc.) in the flower work together in the body to produce better effects than when working alone.

How is a Top-Shelf CBD Flower Grown

Top-shelf CBD flower farming leads to the production of a highly potent plant. That’s because it’s grown under controlled conditions by experienced farmers. It means that artisans plant the CBD flowers indoors, controlling temperature, humidity, and light. 

Good companies also maintain high health standards. That is why they use organic farming methods to produce flowers free of pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals.

1) Lifter Indoor

The strain has a powerful calming effect and provides a stress-free smoking session.

Lifter flower supports your energy and focus. And therefore suitable for use during daytime. Convenient for either relaxation or work. 

As the strongest Sativa strain, it has 16.6% total cannabinoid content and 13.3% CBD. The rich terpene profile also provides an exquisite and flavorful smoke aroma.

The flower is 100% hand-trimmed and sold as a loose flower for those who enjoy rolling their joints. Or available as pre-rolls. 

Purchase Lifter Indoor CBD flower for relaxation.

2) Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a strong sedating CBD flower. The strain is good for sleep. And therefore, it’s highly recommended to smoke after finishing your daytime activities.

That is because it’s fast-acting to induce sleep and keep you asleep. And upon smoking, the flower leaves you with a chocolate and spice flavor due to a versatile terpene profile.

Upon a closer look at the Indica strain, it has 12.9% total cannabinoids and CBD at 10.35%. Artisans also work to preserve the strain’s freshness through freeze-drying. Companies then sell the five-star CBD strain as a flower or pre-rolls. 

Purchase Bubba Kush for a good night’s sleep.

3) Sour Space Candy

Are you looking for a strain that supports a healthy mood, high energy and motivation, focus, and clear thinking?

It’s no secret that Sour Space Candy is your best bet. The flower is best used during the day when you’re tackling highly demanding cognitive or physical tasks. 

The Sativa strain flower has 22.2 % total cannabinoids and CBD at 17.3%. The exotic terpenes in Sour Space Candy also provide a sweet fruity, and sour aroma. Companies process the CBD flower through a careful hand-trimming process and sell it as a flower or pre-rolls. 

Purchase Sour Space Candy for a boost in work performance and productivity.

4) Hawaiian Haze

The Hawaiian Haze is a potent mood booster. You can also use it as a pre-party smoke or before a social occasion.

And it’s ideal for consumption in the morning, thus setting you up for a fantastic day. The flower favors newbies or occasional smokers due to its tolerable CBD concentration.

The Sativa strain has total cannabinoids at 17.2% and CBD at 15.13%. The rich terpene profile provides a tropical taste along with pineapple, sweet summer petals, and a peppery finish. This strain is sold as a flower or pre-rolls. 

Purchase a Hawaiian Haze flower for recreation and mood enhancement.

5) Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet strain is ideal for soothing your nerves and inducing sleep.

Smoking the flower also supports doing light activities at home or socializing with friends at events. Although users can consume it at any time, it’s better to smoke during the evening as you unwind.

The hand-trimmed Indica strain has 21% total cannabinoids and 18.4% CBD. The flower has a bold terpene profile that leaves you with a citrusy, floral, and fruity flavor to enjoy. The strain is sold as a flower.

Purchase a Magic Bullet flower to ease your stress.

6) Special Sauce

The strain is impressive with its relaxation capabilities and favors a deep, restful sleep. That makes it best taken in the evening or before sleeping.

The hand-trimmed Indica flower has total cannabinoids at 19.6% and 17.9% CBD. Terpenes give the flower a smooth, woody, vanilla, and cinnamon flavor, which will leave you coming back for more. The CBD strain is sold as a flower or pre-rolls.

Purchase a Special Sauce flower to unwind and induce sleep.

7) Elektra

The strain is ideal for giving you a jolt in social situations. It does that by easing your anxiety making you more talkative and alert. The flower also supports relaxation without drowsiness, thus better for consumption during the day.

Elektra is a hand-trimmed Sativa strain flower with total cannabinoids at 13.3% and CBD at 15.4%. The flower also packs a citrus flavor. It is sold as a loose flower or pre-rolls.

Purchase Elektra to electrify your interactions and enhance your mood.

8) Sour Lifter

Sour Lifter is good as an energy and mood booster. That effect is due to the high concentration of cannabinoids which facilitate the entourage effects and is perfect for use during the day.

The hand-trimmed Sativa strain has total cannabinoids at 19.6% and CBD at 17.4 %. The flower’s flavor is more intense, giving off a gassy and citrus taste. It is sold as a loose flower for you to roll.

Purchase a Sour Lifter flower to boost your work performance and productivity.


A top-shelf CBD flower supports relaxation, boosts your energy, or promotes sleep better than any other strain. And with the information above, you can now choose the best flower to buy based on the cannabinoid content and the effects you desire. 

Indica strains are best taken during the evening. Sativa strains are convenient during daytime hours. Consult a doctor before smoking a CBD flower.