Hello From Airmid!

How did we get here?

We started online four years ago. The Celtic goddess of herbal healing is named Airmid, which was perfectly in line with our goals. At the time of launch, we were making CBD products that were completely THC free as the laws in Texas were still in the grey area. Festivals were our go-to way to spread the word about the brand and help educate on the power of CBD. The main focus was the education around CBD and creating tailored experiences based on personal questions.

This wasn't easy.

We’ll be honest, this has been nothing but smooth in the CBD space. To most, CBD is new, and with that comes the association and classification as a marijuana business. This classification then makes bank accounts, credit accounts, and processing a nightmare. Everything we tried to do was in the high-risk category. CBD is prohibited for advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Google. Luckily regulations are starting to relax as the research and studies are starting to show the unique power of CBD. However, we wouldn’t have changed anything!

Why Airmid CBD?

Our first goal is to make the highest quality CBD at affordable prices, that’s the brand standard. I hear so many people say how CBD has helped them but they just couldn’t afford to continue using, so we had to produce high quality, low cost as possible products. Our second goal is to educate, if you ask us any question we will never and try and sell to you we will just give you the facts as to which product best suits your needs.

CBD is our passion! We didn’t get into this because it was popular, trendy, or an easy buck. We got into this to educate and help. We aim to be the CVS of CBD but with the added extra of tailored product choice.

All of our handmade products have been 3rd party tested.
What drives us is the emails and hugs we get when strangers tell us how we have changed their lives. Imagine seeing someone who thought they would never have a normal life again and a few months later they are a new human being, it’s a huge buzz! Parents seeing amazing changes in their kids. It never gets old hearing amazing change stories.

On top of all that we believe in giving back to the community. We partner with several local non-profits for special needs kids, veterans, and animal rescue groups.

For every bottle of Airmid, we sell we donate a bottle to someone in need. We value people over profits.

What is CBD?

CBD is the most overused and underutilized plant at the same time. We are starting to see emerging studies that different cannabinoids like cbg and cbn have great medical uses as well as CBD and thc that everyone knows about.

If you took a true full spectrum oil that has a wide range of cannabinoids like cbn, cbc, cbg, thcv, thc in addition to the CBD content you could probably eliminate 80% of your medicine cabinet. On the flip side of the coin you have companies marketing that cbd is a cure all for everything and everyone.

While CBD and full spectrum hemp extracts can be a powerful tool in your health regiment if you’re not giving your body enough sleep, water, exercise, nutrition ect you can drink a gallon of CBD a day and not be magically cured of whatever ailments they sold you on.

The entourage effect is why we focus so much on the minor cannabinoids in our products as well as the CBD content. The entourage effect is the equivalent of you picking up your couch and throwing it on your back and moving it. Can I do it, yes.

Would it be much more effective and powerful if I had 3 friends helping me lift the load? Absolutely. Cbg, Thc, cbn, ect these are CBD buddies helping lift the couch. When you combine them all together you get a much more powerful product.

Help someone in need get the care they deserve!

For every bottle sold we donate a bottle to one of our non profit partners for a family in need.