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The Warriors Keep

The Warrior’s Keep is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to unite, empower and enhance the quality of life for veterans with the use of Outdoor Therapy.

We at The Warrior's Keep believe that sometimes the best medicine is nature's medicine. Our programs provide Veterans with free access to outdoor activities, designed to educate and assist with the difficulties of reintegrating back to civilian life.

Dallas DogRRR

Dallas DogRRR - Rescue.Rehab.Reform is a group of dedicated, animal loving volunteers that help rescue dogs with our main focus being in SE Dallas.

Through your donations we are able to maintain supplies, food, water, and provide shelter, rehabilitation, and medical care for our animals in need. Every single cent that you donate goes directly towards our day to day operations, ongoing vet bills, as well as boarding costs for the precious dogs that we do not have fosters for. Everything we do goes directly to helping our animals in need.

Wind Rose Academy

We offer help and hope for children on the autism spectrum or with advanced developmental/social challenges. Don’t settle for a facility that always promises progress “soon,” but provides only custodial care.

At Wind Rose, we know that every child is unique. Therefore, we offer a core of appropriate, challenging academics — wrapped with therapeutic and developmental support tailored to each student. Use the easy form below. Tell us about your child — and whether you are interested in full-day enrollment, life skills assistance, or ABA therapy on site.

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